Stir Now Free on Kobo!

Taste for Blood: Stir (Nephil-Vamp Series, Book 1) is now FREE on Kobo!  Click the link below to download now!  Don’t forget, Taste for Blood: Simmer (Nephil-Vamp, Book 3) is expected to release in early September, and I’ll be updating you as we get closer.  Happy Reading :)


Stir Free on Kobo

Off to Chicago!

Good Morning!

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Chicago for the weekend and a “Day with Dani Madison.”  Stay tuned for pics from my trip at all of Dani’s fav Chicago spots!  And look forward to seeing what happens to her next in Taste for Blood: Simmer (Nephil-Vamp, Book 3) coming out in late June, early July.  Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in the sun, just watch out for those daywalkers they’ve been known to bite :)  

Title Reveal!

Hello Everyone!  The official title for the third book of my Nephil-Vamp Series is…wait for it… Taste For Blood: Simmer  Stay tuned for the cover reveal and tons more updates as we get closer to the expected release in late June, early July.  And don’t forget that book one on the expansion of my acclaimed Fae-Witch Trilogy will be ready before summer’s end, The Secret Trinity: Part Two coming soon!